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Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail Deer Hunting

The Whitetail deer is the most plentiful and most widely scattered big game animal in North America. In the Eastern half of Nebraska it is the most common species and is more profuse than mule deer even on some of the westernmost stream courses.

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The Whitetail deer is the most important big game in North America and exceeds an annual harvest of three hundred thousand in several states and about twenty-eight thousand in Nebraska since 1987. The monetary impact provided by deer hunters on permits alone, amounted to $1.5 million in 1990 and about $1.2 million of this was attributed to whitetail deer hunting.

Whitetails have developed a keen sense of smell to help them avoid predation. They depend on scent but have also exceptional hearing and sight. Whitetails are less vulnerable to hunting because of their behavior and habitat preference compared to mule deer. To be successful in whitetail deer hunting, a hunter must choose a correct strategy to hunt. There are many strategies to whitetail deer hunting, but deer stand hunting is probably the most productive.

Deer stand hunting strategy for whitetail deer hunting avoids detection by sitting motionless and avoiding movements. If the hunters play it right, they will be scent free making them the most lethal hunter when it comes to whitetail deer hunting.

A huge factor for a hunter’s success is playing the wind and his location, a downwind or a crosswind location is custom made for a stand hunter in steering clear of the deer’s sensitive nose. The right location is everything, and knowing them can lead to a successful whitetail deer hunting. Good locations are trails, primary food sources, saddles, funnels, edge habitats, and benches, with each having its own advantage and set of rules for hunting successfully.

Trails are a big factor; bends in the trails are excellent places to trap whitetails. Picking the side of the trail where the wind is in your favor and having the lanes cut so you stay clear and clean to get a shot off.

Primary food sources are where you can find the deer feeding. Find these areas in advance; there will be a trail that leads from the bedding area to the food source. The best morning stand will be near the bedding area and the evening stand would be near the field.

Saddles are good areas to trap a deer because they like to travel ridges while still using cover. These areas are often times used by the deer as escape routes during times of heavy hunting pressure.

Funnels are active areas for whitetails during the season of hunting, as hunting pressures can keep the deer moving all throughout the day through these areas.

Edge Habitat is a prime area for whitetails to move along Set up a stand up on the edge of fields if it’s an evening hunt where deer may be feeding. When hunting during the morning or the middle of the day, set the stand up near the deer’s bedding area but not too close or he may move from the area all together.

Benches are shelves that lie just below a ridge top and are the best places for a deer to feed, bed, and make scrapes.

When on whitetail deer hunting, always remember to play the wind and always have clear shooting lanes prepared. Playing your cards right will always result to a successful whitetail deer hunting.

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How can I become a wild boar hunter?

How can I become a wild boar hunter?

So you ask how can i become wild boar hunter? Ever since very distant times, people have hunted boars for both need and pleasure, but the custom has remarkably kept its meanings and quintessence all the way through. Although today hunting is done very differently compared to the times when it was firstly practices, in Persia, people hunting hogs are just as enthusiastic about it. If anyone decides to give this hunting variety a shot, then he should know that the risks of unpleasant incidents are higher than in the case of other hunting types, but also that the satisfaction could make the risks seem far too unimportant to make a difference.


wild boars
How can I become a wild boar hunter

A clear rule must be set from the very beginning: never will you approach a boar in a way that will put your safety into peril. To emphasize this, you should know that hogs tend to become aggressive when threatened, especially when their cubs (or piglets) are around, although they are quite tranquil in general. These creatures are well-known for their fighting spirit, being fierce and fearless when confronting an enemy. Therefore, avoid becoming that enemy by setting an appropriate distance between you and the boar, or try to establish a cover spot far from a certain trail that boars frequent. This implies, studying their routes, either by making notes as you watch their habits for a reasonable period of time or by asking landowners and locals about this.

In fact, preparation plays a big part in the hunting game, perhaps the most important one of them all. Knowing the places where boars come often, either to feed, play or mate is vital to any hunting experience. This can be easily overcome by having a more experienced boar hunter lead you to the best places in the area. For a beginner hunter, every little part of the forest is much the same, with no particularities, but a skilled hunter can easily predict the boars’ routines just by glancing at the most apparently unimportant signs. Foot signs are a clue to whether a wild boar has been in a specific place recently or the signs are older. Also, remember that boars usually frequent places easy to get to, away from any bedding areas and, if possible, right next to trails and flounders; routine is a particularity of their moving habits, so if you find a good place to lay your bait don’t move, because chances are another boar will come shortly.

This takes us to the least enjoyable part of boar hunting: preparing and placing the bait. Made out of corn, the bait will lure hogs towards a deep whole you’ve dug beforehand. With their exceptional smelling qualities, hogs will not resist the chance of a free meal even if far away. Often they will gather in great numbers, but this is not desirable as they will finish all the food before you can get the chance to shoot. Furthermore, remember to stay as far as possible to the baiting place (as human scent will most likely be detected by the creatures and it will freak them out), while still having a comfortable range shot ahead.

All in all, wild boar hunting is an old hunting practice, but it’s surprising everyone with its staying power over time. Although it takes much courage and patience, people all over love hunting hogs wherever and whenever possible. If you plan on being one of them arm yourself with more than firepower and let the legend of boar hunting live on.

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Learn about Coyote Hunting

Learn about Coyote Hunting

Coyote hunting is rapidly becoming popular among hunters across North America. Coyote hunting is one way of increasing the ability of the hunter to go hunting (by camera or by a rifle). Almost all hunters agree that coyote hunting gives them sheer excitement.
One of the essential gears in coyote hunting is the coyote calls. There are at least three types of coyote calls. These are the “mouth blown” coyote calls, “howling” coyote calls and the electronic coyote calls. Mouth blown coyote calls and howling coyote calls are the most widely used and the best method in calling coyote. On the other hand, electronic coyote calls are rapidly becoming popular in the past few years due to the advancements of the electronic sound storage.
Coyote hunting requires lots and lots of patience. Even experienced hunters have a hard time hunting coyote because the coyote is one of the most cunning and resourceful hunters of nature.

Learn about Coyote Hunting


A wide range of rifles and shotguns and even pistols can be used for coyote hunting. Pistols that use 223 cartridges would work well. The most used pistol for coyote hunting are the long barreled 357 magnum revolvers. However, it is harder to hunt for coyote with a handgun. The most widely used rifle for hunting coyotes would be a fast loading 0.22 caliber rifles. Many hunters use deer rifles when hunting coyotes. However, if you are hunting coyotes for their pelts a 30/06 rifle would damage the coyote hides.
Many coyote hunters often find their game too close for comfort. Coyotes in New Mexico are more aggressive; thus, their lesser fear with humans. With the right kind of load, shotguns may work perfectly well on certain environments (especially on areas that are relatively thick wherein shots are limited to forty yards). Accuracy and trajectory are some of the essential factors in an efficient rifle for coyote. Using a big game hunting rifle would be overkill.
The best way to hunt coyotes is by spotting and stalking it first. Although it is easier said than done, coyotes have excellent eyesight, along with good hearing abilities. Any camo pattern that matches the surrounding environment of your hunting area will do. Some coyote hunters tend to forget to cover their face and hands with camo. Also, most coyote hunters tend to forget to apply cover scents. Coyotes have excellent sense of smell and if you wash your camouflage and body with non scent free detergent or soap, applying cover scents would be futile. You can buy cover scents on any hunting shops or stores, use what you think works best for your preferences.
If you are planning of going for coyote hunting, plan ahead first. Also, ask permission to hunt on private lands first. Nobody wants to see someone knocking on their door looking like a green beret.

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Montana Hunting

Montana Hunting

Montana offers some of the best big game hunting in the Northern Hemisphere. From its Rocky Mountains to the West and its Badlands to the east, it always brings a new type of experience for hunters. It is a hunter’s paradise where you can hunt elk in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, upland birds in the foothills, moose in the low bogs of the rugged mountains, or antelope on the short-grass prairies.

When it comes to hunting opportunities and wildlife diversity, Montana has something to offer anyone from anywhere who’s ready to undertake the thrilling adventure of Montana hunting. Here are two of the best Montana hunting big game and a few tips:

Bighorn Sheep Hunting (Montana Hunting)
Montana license to draw a bighorn sheep can be tough. In the fall of 2005 only about two percent of all applicants were successful in drawing one of the four hundred seven bighorn sheep licenses. Bighorn hunting season usually opens September 15-November 27, with some exceptions. Those lucky hunters awarded for bighorn sheep hunt can be their hunt of a lifetime. Hunters harvesting a bighorn sheep must, if required by FWP (Fish, Wildlife and Parks), physically return to the kill site for inspection to show the cape intact and the complete head. The hunter with a license valid for a “legal ram” shall in no way alter the head and horns that would determine it to be a legal ram, and he must personally present complete head and cape intact within forty eight hours to any Fish, Wildlife and Parks office or designated employee in the administrative region where the bighorn ram was taken. Transportation permit is required and will be issued during this time. Bighorn ram whose horns measure greater than one-half curl must be plugged and pinned at a FWP office within ten days after the harvest. And for all bighorn sheep hunters, hunter orange is required.

Upland Game Bird Hunting (Montana Hunting)
A favorable season for Montana’s upland game bird hunters is ahead. Upland game bird species season begins mostly September 1. Upland game bird hunting opportunities in FWP Regions 1 and 3 have slightly improved from last year. FWP Region 1 upland game bird hunting around Kalispell is expected to be about average across the board. Pheasant numbers have slightly improved from last year at Ninepipe Wildlife Management Area. The Missoula Area will have about the same pheasant hunting as some hunters experienced the past years. The generally mild winter over Montana and the moist spring have resulted in a good winter survival and plenty of covering for rearing broods especially in regions such as region 4, 5, 6, and 7. The best way to an informed bird hunter is to scout your hunting area in advance during the later summer and early fall.

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Racoon Hunting-Tips To Help You Get Started

Racoon Hunting-Tips To Help You Get Started

Coon searching is among one of the most preferred sporting activities in America today, it is promptly ending up being increasingly more preferred relatively day-to-day. Really merely, searching for Coons is fantastic for both newbies as well as passionate seekers, as raccoon can be a wonderful means to exercise your searching abilities for the bigger video game.

Below are some fantastic pointers to assist you to discover the finest areas to go coon searching, as well as additionally the finest coon searching products to make use of.

Of all, maintain in mind that searching raccoons is not just wonderful for obtaining an excellent dish, however additionally great for farmers due to the fact that they do not stress concerning the raccoons obtaining right into their plants and also damaging them. No issue exactly how great a seeker you are, raccoons will certainly supply a terrific obstacle for you, since they are really great swimmers as well as tree mountain climbers, as well as can suggest you really quickly.

Considering that raccoons rest throughout the day as well as are energetic at evening, you have to make certain that you discover excellent experienced searching pet dogs to assist you with your coon journey. Searching wheat lights are incredibly essential.

When the coons climb up the tree, specifically the center of the evening, simply regarding the only method you can never ever locate them is by making use of a searching pet to track them down. The searching lights are very vital, due to the fact that without a great one you’ll never ever capture the coon since you merely can not see.

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Naturally, without a doubt one of the most crucial element of searching raccoons is to see to it you recognize the location your targets will certainly be concealing in beforehand. Extremely merely, when you do not understand this location, it will certainly be exceptionally tough to discover coons, specifically in the evening. It’s tough sufficient to quest throughout the day without recognizing the location, yet when you attempt to do it in the evening, it is essentially a self-destruction goal.

Make certain you understand all the areas where the raccoons go for their feeding, where they live, their preferred trees to climb up, and so on. If you prepare as well as searching on personal land, make certain that you obtain consent from the proprietor of the land.

Naturally, remember that raccoons are likewise terrific sampling when you do capture them; they are an excellent special around America. Throughout the late winter months, the raccoon stimulates the heaviest, making this the excellent time to go to searching.

These are used lot of times for both for hats as well as layers, collars, winter season hand wear covers, and so on. When you do your searching throughout the winter months, you can anticipate to obtain the most return on your financial investment.

The lower line is, coon searching is a terrific sporting activity for the enthusiastic outdoors type, due to the fact that you can do it outdoors, in the evening, and also in some outstanding landscapes. This is an ideal 4 for you if you delight in being outdoors.

This type of searching can not just provide you the possibility to benefit when you capture a great coon, however can likewise provide you a possibility to take a break after a lengthy job week. Ideally these coon searching ideas will certainly aid you to come to be an effective seeker as swiftly as feasible.

Racoon Hunting-Tips To Help You Get Started

Right here are some wonderful ideas to assist you to locate the ideal areas to go coon searching, as well as additionally the finest coon searching products to make use of.

Considering that raccoons rest throughout the day and also are energetic at evening, you have to make certain that you discover excellent qualified searching pet dogs to aid you with your coon journey. When the coons climb up the tree, particularly the center of the evening, simply regarding the only method you can never ever discover them is by utilizing a searching pet to track them down. The searching lights are exceptionally essential, since without an excellent one you’ll never ever capture the coon due to the fact that you merely can not see.

Of training course, by much the most vital facet of searching raccoons is to make certain you recognize the location your targets will certainly be concealing in ahead of time.

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Hunting Wild Turkey

Hunting Wild Turkey

Turkey hunting is one of the most enjoyable and the fastest growing forms of hunting today. The most successful turkey hunters use different techniques just to locate a bird. Many techniques are applied and each turkey hunter would swear by their methods.

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There are certain truths though that most hunters will agree upon. Some of them are obvious enough, like, being in a camouflage helps hunters stay hidden within gun range. Or movement is the supreme enemy of the turkey hunters. Much more than this, practicing makes your skills as a turkey hunter better. And the excitement of the turkey hunt will hone the hunter’s alertness.
Like any sport, there are certain rules and regulations one must follow, here are some rules you need to remember:
• You will need a turkey hunting permit and a small game hunting license – it is required when hunting wild turkeys. You can only buy one turkey permit each year. If you have filled your limit, you may call for another turkey hunter but you can never bring any fire arm or even a bow.
• Using rifles and hand guns are not allowed. You can only hunt using your bow and arrow, shot guns with shot sizes no larger than number two or smaller than number eight. These are the only weapons for catching wild turkeys.
• And you must fill out the tag which only comes with your permit and attach it to the turkey you shoot straight away.
• Do not disturb hen turkeys or their nests.
• Searching with a dog during spring is not permitted. But you may hunt with it during the fall season.
• You must not use any intensifying device to locate or hunt turkeys during open seasons.
Here are also some tips for a successful and safe turkey hunting season:
• If you will leave your gear and your turkey with another person, make sure to leave the following information for emergency purposes.
1. your name
2. your phone number
3. your address
4. your license hunting number
5. your turkey permit number
6. the 3rd party’s name
7. the 3rd party’s address
8. if necessary, your veterinarian’s name too
9. his or her contact number
• Look for signs of recent wild turkey activities. Locate appropriate calling locations. These signs includes tracks and droppings. Droppings offer positive data that wild turkeys are located in that area. It also indicates the bird’s sex. For gobblers, they have j-shaped, elongated droppings and hair-like feathers known as the beard extended from the breast. The beard is normally three to ten inches long. Most of them have spurs on the lower legs. Beard and spur length tend to increase with age. Some hens also have the beard but only 10 percent of their population contain it. Their head in general are dull gray-blue color, with pink and red coloration. Their breast feathers have a buff or white tip giving the hen it’s attractive and eye catching color.
• Turkeys possess a strong sense of hearing and sharp vision. You should remain unmoving while calling them. A camouflage outfit is also recommended in this kind of hunting hobby. Even hunters wrap their shotguns in camouflage to prevent gun barrel from being detected through their shiny metal.

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Wildlife Refuge how are they run

Wildlife Refuge how are they run

A wildlife refuge is a place designed safety of various types of animals. It can include birds, fish, and other types of wildlife that reside in a particular location. Millions of dollars are spent annually by the Federal government for such programs. They are overseen on a state level to ensure that the animals have their natural environment protected.

Looking Across the Wetlands at George Meade Wildlife Refuge image - Free stock photo - Public ...

The small fees that you often pay to access wildlife parks go to help with such costs. You may live in a state where you are asked if you want to donate $1 to the wildlife refuge fund from your state income taxes. This isn’t mandatory and doing so doesn’t change the amount of refund you are entitled to.

There are long term efforts and projects in the works relating to wildlife refuge programs. Each one of them is designed to help find a good balance in our world for these types of animals. They need to be protected and at the same time educational materials need to be offered. This way the public will learn how valuable these types of wildlife refuges are for our future.

Many of these programs do everything they can to cut costs yet to be as effective as possible. One way they are able to do so is to heavily rely on the help of volunteers for their programs. Since they don’t have to pay all of the people for their time and effort it saves them a great deal of money. Many people are more than happy to do all they can to offer their assistance to the wildlife refuge.

Without such efforts to conserve resources for wildlife, many of them would be in jeopardy of losing their natural habitat. Many people don’t readily realize the chain reaction that animal loss and extinction will have for the environment as a whole. In order to keep the balance of things having people with the means of protecting our wildlife is very important.

That is why there are severe penalties, fines, and even jail time for those that violate the laws pertaining to wildlife in given areas. These refuges are a prime example of how the efforts of many can really come together and make a difference for all of society. You can do your part as well by learning about the efforts of such organizations and supporting them.

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Coon Hunting-Tips To Help You Get Started

Coon Hunting-Tips To Help You Get Started

Coon hunting is one of the most popular sports in America today, it is quickly becoming more and more popular seemingly everyday. Very simply, hunting for Coons is great for both beginners and avid hunters, as raccoon can be a great way to practice your hunting skills for the larger game.

There are few things as fun as being out on the trail in the middle of the night, with your hunting dog bellowing in the distance and being out in the forest. Here are some great tips to help you to find the best places to go coon hunting, and also the best coon hunting supplies to utilize.

First of all, keep in mind that hunting raccoons is not only great for getting a good meal, but also good for farmers because they don’t worry about the raccoons getting into their crops and destroying them. Also, no matter how good a hunter you are, raccoons will offer a great challenge for you, because they are very good swimmers and tree climbers, and can allude you very easily.

Also, since raccoons sleep during the day and are active at night, you have to make sure that you find good trained hunting dogs to help you with your coon trip. Also, hunting wheat lights are extremely important as well. You will need a lot of different supplies and equipment nor to be a successful coon hunter, because of the difficulty that this kind of hunting can offer you.

Very simply, Coon Hunting-Tips To Help You Get Started. The hunting dog you purchase must be very quick and have excellent sense of smell. When the coons climb the tree, especially the middle of the night, just about the only way you can never find them is by using a hunting dog to track them down. The hunting lights are extremely important, because without a good one you’ll never catch the coon because you simply can’t see.

Of course, by far the most important aspect of hunting raccoons is to make sure you know the area your targets will be hiding in ahead of time. Very simply, when you don’t know this area, it will be extremely hard to find coons, particularly at night. It’s hard enough to hunt during the day without understanding the area, but when you try to do it at night, it is virtually a suicide mission.

Therefore, make sure you know all the places where the raccoons go for their feeding, where they live, their favorite trees to climb, etc. Also, if you plan and hunting on private land, make sure that you get permission from the owner of the land.

Of course, keep in mind that raccoons are also great tasting when you do catch them; they are a great delicacy around America. Also, during the late winter, the raccoon spurs the heaviest, making this the ideal time to go to hunting.

These are utilized many times for both for coats and hats, collars, winter gloves, etc. Therefore, when you do your hunting during the winter, you can expect to get the most return on your investment.

The bottom line is, coon hunting is a great sport for the avid outdoorsman, because you can do it outdoors, at night, and in some awesome scenery. If you enjoy being outdoors, this is a perfect four for you.

This kind of hunting can not only offer you the opportunity to profit when you catch a good coon, but can also give you a chance to unwind after a long work week. Hopefully these coon hunting tips will help you to become a successful hunter as quickly as possible.

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Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunting

turkey hunting
out turkey hunting with a Bow

One of the most popular ways to hunt turkeys is with a bow and arrow. It is a tradition in North America, apparently, that relies on turkey calling and making the perfect shot. There are many agencies and organizations in place to both put a stop to turkey hunting and to support the tradition of turkey hunting. Like most warring factions, these two groups will stop at nothing to try to prevent the overtaking of their ideals. One cannot typically pick a side on an issue, however, without knowing the issue itself. It is important, therefore, to get as much of a foundation in the information on turkey hunting as possible to guide an informed decision.

Turkey hunting is all about luring the birds out into the open and plugging them with a bow and arrow or with a shotgun shell. Many people prefer the bow and arrow because it adds a great deal of tradition to the hunt, almost justifying it. The first notion of turkey hunting is finding a turkey roost. These are generally easy to find, though, because the roost is within a controlled environment in North America for the most part. Wild turkeys are also quite easy to find because they gather together in large groups. The idea is to not get too close to the roost of the turkey. It is recommended that the hunter stays about one hundred to two hundred yards away from the roost, leaving ample room to fire and to get set when the turkeys come running.

The next focus of the turkey hunt is to get the turkeys out of the roost, of course. For this, the hunter must begin a series of embarrassing but effective turkey calls. These consist of an array of clucks, clicks, whistles and hoots. It is important not to confuse the call of an owl or of another bird with a turkey call, lest the hunter is set upon by various predatory birds and the hunt becomes a lot less enjoyable. When turkey calling from a location, start with a series of clucks and yelps. If there is no return cluck or yelp from a live turkey, increase the sound volume and get more aggressive. This will make turkeys think that a turkey nearby is either aggressively approaching or is challenging territory. Eventually, a turkey should come out of the roost.

When this happens, it is a good idea to set the sight of the shotgun or the bow and arrow on the target. Prepare and continue calling the turkey, as this will draw them closer to the range of fire. If the turkey will not approach a suitable range, try to use very soft purrs or clucks. As always, watch out for the other predatory birds or cats that may latch on to the use of this sound. The clucks and purrs should, theoretically, entice the bird out and closer to the range of fire for the hunter. Turkeys can be stubborn at times and incredibly stupid at other times. They really do not have much of a distinction between knowing human calls and knowing actual turkey calls.

Nonetheless, the shot must be taken when the bird is close in range. The hunter should release the intellectual grasp on the clucking and purring for long enough to release an arrow or squeeze off a shot. The follow-through is important as the sound will likely send more turkeys scattering away or in all sorts of directions. The birds quickly will become disoriented, so it is important to remember to spot the kill and mark it before continuing. Resist the temptation to try to pick off another one of the scattering birds, as this may lead to a never-ending cycle of killing running turkeys without the freezer space to accommodate.

A turkey hunt typically results in a bird for Thanksgiving or Christmas. There are many countries and states, however, that do not allow wild turkey hunting anymore. The hunter is responsible for checking on local regulations before participating in any turkey hunt and learning the laws of the land in which they are prepared to cluck and purr.

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camping in Oregon is great fun

camping in Oregon is great fun

Oregon camping
great camping sites in Oregon

There are many great camping locations in Oregon. From coastal camping to camping in central Oregon, there are beautiful campgrounds and state parks scattered across the state. Whether you’re planning a weekend waterskiing on Diamond Lake, hiking the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, or just soaking up the sun and enjoying the waves at one of Oregon’s beautiful beaches, there are plenty of camping opportunities for tents and RVs in Oregon.

Along Oregon’s northern coast, camping is abundant at a variety of state parks, national parks, and private campgrounds. Enjoy horseback riding, kayaking, or fishing while camping among the beautiful wildlife of Nehalem Bay State Park. Primitive camping for small aircraft is available near an airstrip, as well as sites for hikers, bicyclists, and horse camping. This Oregon camping facility also features 265 electrical sites that accommodate RVs up to 60 feet long and 18 yurts, small, furnished, circular huts that sleep 5 people.

If you’re thinking of combining a weekend of Oregon coast camping with some off road fun on the beach, Sandbeach Campground is the ideal location. Pack up your ATVs and your favorite Coleman family camping tent and get your campsite early because these are on a first come, first serve basis. Choose from one of the three developed campgrounds and camp on the beach if you like.

The central Oregon coast offers plenty of camping activities as well. Two hour kayaking tours along Beaver Creek make South Beach State Park a popular Oregon coast camping destination. From fishing, windsurfing, or just enjoying the beauty of the Pacific coast, camping at South Beach State Park is a great getaway. Camp in one of the 27 yurts or enjoy an electrical campsite with wi-fi access.

Bullards Beach State Park, along the southern Oregon coast, is a terrific family camping destination. Visit the Coquille Lighthouse, hike or bike through the beautiful coastal dunes full of wildlife, or enjoy a day of boating on the peaceful Coquille River. There are plenty of family activities nearby and you can choose from one of the shaded campsites with full hookups, a comfortable yurt, or even a horse camping site with beach access.

Camping in central Oregon isn’t quite as abundant as the coast, but it is just as much fun. The Deschutes River State Recreation Area is a favorite campground for kayakers, hikers, and equestrians. The 34 electric campsites, 25 primitive sites, and restrooms are perfect for a weekend of horseback riding or enjoying the rapids of the scenic Deschutes River, whether in a kayak, inner tube, or jet ski.

The only state park in the Portland area that offers camping, Milo McIver State Park, is a beautiful outdoor retreat that provides plenty of fun for the entire family. The Milo McIver campground is small and secluded with 9 designated tent camping sites and 44 electric sites and there is a wide array of programs and exhibits available through the park. Visitors can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, or playing disc golf. The scenic Clackamas River is perfect for canoeing and rafting, and there are several picnic areas with gorgeous views.
From Oregon’s most scenic waterways to the tranquil Oregon coast, camping in Oregon is always fun for everyone. Relax by the shore, hike a scenic trail, or kayak Oregon’s whitewater. Whatever your favorite camping activities, Oregon’s state parks have something for you!

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